That Transcending Mystery and Wonder


I remember being on Star Island about ten years ago and noticing that everyone was reading what seemed to be the same book.  Everywhere I went I saw them — on the sofas in the lounge, in rocking chairs on the porch, even at the tables in the dining hall — adults as well as youth and children, all of them lost in their reading.  Sitting next to one of them, I waited until a suitable moment and asked what he was reading; eyes aglow with the light of imagination, he responded with just two words: “Harry Potter.”

Well, I had already heard of J. K. Rowling’s novels about the famous boy wizard, of course.  With each subsequent volume, their popularity grew even more, and Rowling was rapidly becoming one of the best-selling British authors.  Her own rags-to-riches story added to the mystique, and there were rumors about the…

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  1. […] Universalists, do children’s religious education.  Aside from the fact that, right now, we’re doing a Summer RE program specifically based on the content of the Harry Potter stories, how we do RE may have more in common with J. K. Rowling’s fictional Hogwarts than with what goes […]

  2. smking1 said

    Sorry, not a comment on this article, just that I was looking for your sermons given in July 2013 and this one showed up but it was given in May 2013. That’s a big disconnect on having an Archive listing by the month but NOT the month the sermon was given but when it was posted on the Blog which seems to be hit or miss on when that is. So it is very hard to go to an archive and guess which month to look into to see a sermon given in a particular month… Yes, to some this is very minor but it really isn’t. thanks, Steve King

    • acmillard said

      Thanks for the comment, Steve.

      As you’ve discovered, this blog’s “archive” listing refers to the date when I post something, and I don’t know if it’s possible to back-date the posts. I post my sermons on my blog to share them with a wider audience than those who hear them the first time around in services, though I’m pleased that it’s not unusual to have people at services ask me where they can find the text on-line. (And, yes, I post them somewhat asynchronously, based on my time, requests, relevance to other matters, and so on.) So archiving is really a secondary purpose.

      If you’re looking for a specific sermon on the basis of the date it was given, your best bet is to go to the UUFP’s blog and find the original listing — — and if the text is available somewhere, the title will be a link to it.

      Thanks again!


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